Orlando FL best solo singer entertainer and guitar act for conventions and clubs.
Davenport FL best solo singer entertainer and guitar act for conventions, weddings and clubs.
Hi, I’m Daniel Coy. I currently live in Davenport, near Orlando FL. I was born in the Rio Grande Valley Texas. My singing talent was discovered at age 4 by my church music director. She taught me to sing and read music in English, German, French, Latin, Italian, and Spanish. By the time I was in the second grade, I was performing regularly on local television and community events. I stay involved with choir and band all through Elementary, Jr. and High Schools, winning numerous awards and scholarships before entering the US Navy.
I auditioned and got into a band on the USS Forestal that was selected by the U.S.O. to represent the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. The band toured for two and a half years, performing for USO events, Officers Clubs and dignitary parties. We were also featured in festivals and night clubs throughout the region. I later toured for many years covering the Eastern U.S, Mid West, Canada and Mexico as a soloist. Along the way I went to college at a University in Southern Texas where I majored in music and voice.
Over the years I worked for a national Mexican Restaurant performing table side for 6 years. I went to Hawaii and worked in Waikiki and Pearl Ridge for 6 months. I’ve done tons of weddings as well as family reunions and Holiday celebrations and much, much more!
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